June 24th 2013

Esteemed colleagues,

A great meeting last week with Alex from the ARU presenting some wonderful, curly moments in refereeing and some group work on some very difficult scenarios which all actually occurred. We thank Alex for his efforts in coming down to the Illawarra to make this presentation. The discussion was bright and brisk.

Peter Leiner and Wayne Cusack will be leaving us for the land of the long white cloud on Friday 5th July, winging their way to Marlborough Referees Association in Blenheim New Zealand for our annual exchange. Their respective replacements will be Malcolm Taylor and Graeme Wikaira who will be arriving on the same day and will be staying with Jill and Glenn McGuiness for the week. We will have a few ales on Saturday 6th July at a venue to be announced in the next couple of days, to welcome our guests. Also please do not forget that our exchange dinner to farewell our guests, Malcolm and Graeme, will be held on Saturday the 13th July. We are finalising the details of time and venue as we speak. Let us all make an effort to say a fond farewell to our guests. I will be in contact very shortly regarding the venue.

On a note from the Appointments Board, it has been noticed that some players are diving without arms at players legs, sometimes when they are kicking the ball or on other occasions just launching at the legs without arms outstretched. This is of course very difficult to pick up, mainly because most referees who see such actions assume that the tackler is diving for the legs to effect a legitimate tackle. It is a dangerous tackle and all the sanctions that apply to dangerous tackles above the armpits must also be applied to this illegal action. It must not occur in the field of play.

Our next meeting is on the 3rd Monday of July, which is the 15th July at the Builders Club. Bothe Wayne and Peter will be back by then to let us know of their exploits in NWe Zealand.

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