Illawarra District Rugby Union Referees Association


Our next meeting will be held on Monday the 19th May at 7.00pm at the Illawarra Master Builders Club and will involve a seminar by the ARU on “ Empathy and Change Behaviour “which has been presented to all associations throughout the state. This meeting is compulsory for all our members. I repeat COMPULSORY for all our members so please make the effort to be there. There are also a few issues we need to discuss with the broad membership and as we missed last month’s meeting due to Easter we need to catch up. It is rare for your author to be so dogmatic about this attendance but it is of absolute importance.

This coming weekend we have Junior Age group Championships at Shoalhaven on Saturday and Sunday and we have quite a few referees out with either injury or work commitments. We have a full round of seniors as well as a full round of juniors so we are stretched to the limit. If anyone can help out at Shoalhaven as Assistant Referees it would be greatly appreciated.

On Sunday 18th May at Camden there will be major trials for the Illawarra Junior teams in 5 age groups and we need your help. Could some of you please contact me asap regarding your assistance for the 18th.

Please also be aware that the June long weekend is when the Camden Rugby Club hosts the NSW Under 12’s State Championships and we need rather large assistance for the Saturday and Sunday games. The Championships coincide with round 8 of our competition so we have a full round of seniors on the Saturday but I will need some volunteers for the Sunday.

Our annual exchange to New Zealand will again be held and the proposal is for the end of June. Final details will be soon provided. I ask for some of you to help out with lodgings for our visitors for the week. Jill and Glenn have been kindly providing their house for many years now and it is time to give them a break. Please contact me asap to help out. Finally please be patient with the number of time changes for matches as the Colts competition blends in to the district.

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